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car accident lawyer tacoma wa Car accident statistics in Washington State.

Here is what you need to know about hiring a car accident lawyer in Tacoma WA. In 2016 there were 508 Fatal Crashes, 1,896 Suspected Serious Injury Accidents, and 35,772 possible/suspected collisions.

You can read more statistics at injury trial lawyer.

after a car accident.

After being in a car accident or witnessing your loved one go through the ordeal can be nerve-wracking and stressful, and even more if the other driver was at fault without insurance and a license. These days it seems that more people are on the streets driving without anything holding them liable, and the next step you have to take is action.

Car Accident Lawyers in Tacoma WA

Patrick Arthur Palace, website: PalaceLaw, Areas of Practice: Personal Injury, Workers Comp. Experience: 25 years, Locations: University Place, Phone: 253-343-9296, Free Consultation: N/A.

According to their website,  here are some steps to take at the Scene…

  • 1. Call the Police
  • 2. If you are able, get as much information as possible
  • 3. Take a picture of the other driver’s license
  • 4. Take a picture of the other driver’s license plate

In this video, Jason S. Halpern talks about recording the accident.

When is it best to hire a car accident lawyer?

Do it at the earliest moment possible when everything is fresh and new, over time, we tend to lose documents and important doctor notes. Deadlines are another reason you should hire one asap. Plus if you’re injured, you may have medical bills to cover, and an attorney can help with that.  For more tips read, injury.findlaw.

Car Accident Attorney Tacoma

For more recommendations on auto accident attorneys check out our Tacoma Lawyers page and then check our Personal Injury Attorney Tacoma article. Personal Injury lawyers also handle auto accidents, so it is always good to do your research when it comes to finding out what type of lawyers you might need for your case.

How to get car accident report from the police?

Sometimes you’ll need additional copies of your accident report and if you call the local law enforcement officials, pay the fee, and you should be able to obtain the report. Another way of getting the report is going to your insurance company or your lawyer if you hired one, through the latter two you may be able to obtain a free copy of the report.

In some states, it’s required that you are the one that submits the accident report to the DMV.

How to write car accident report sample?

Sometimes during a traffic accident, it can take awhile before the police or state trooper arrives and you’re left taking matters into your own hands with the other driver, first thing first, get the other driver’s identification/license and insurance information from them.  Whether’s your fault or their fault, you’ll both will want to collect each other’s information.

  • Name, home address, birth date, gender, perhaps even take a picture with your written report of their information for extra precaution
  • Write down information about the vehicles involved ( take pictures of the damage if possible). Be specific about the damage.
  • Ask for contact information from witnesses.
  • Visit here for more on what you should include in your accident report.

How long do I have to repair my car after an accident? or after an insurance claim?

Must you repair your car right away after an accident? the answer is it depends on your insurance claim and how long it might take for the check to be sent in the mail. Speak with your insurance company and ask them if they have all the information they need before you repair your car and then once you get the okay that your claim is already been processed, either you can wait for the check or use your money out of pocket to fix the damage to the car. 

Can you keep car insurance claim money?

What if you feel that the repairs needed to be made are minimal at best and you rather keep the insurance money for other needs such as rent, food, bills, et cetera can you keep it? Well, usually you have two options, either you can cash out and receive the money minus the deductible amount instead of having the insurer pay for the repair work or use the check to pay for the needed repairs.  Note: If you don’t fully outright own your car and have it on loan then you don’t have control over how the insurance money may be spent.

Will car accident affect insurance rates?

Every company has their own policies and  it isn’t unheard of for a company to raise their rates, however, that isn’t always the case and fear that your rates will increase shouldn’t keep you from filing a claim, but we do understand the fear of having to pay more and not having the income to do so. But to answer if a car crash will make your claims go up, it will depend on the severity of the circumstances, who is at fault, and your history of driving.  Some states have a no-fault rule and both insurance companies will pay for some of the costs and both drivers will have their rates go up.

What about auto theft? If someone breaks into your car and steals the radio and a laptop, you’ll likely want to make a claim to recover the costs, but keep in mind that premiums can be high if you live in a higher crime rate part of town, like downtown Tacoma for example.

There is such a thing as accident forgiveness and some companies will allow you to have an accident without suffering higher rate increases, check with your insurance company to see if they have such a policy.  And to find out more about insurance claims and how they may affect your rates, visit here. 

What if I get into a car accident with a suspended license?

When making the costly decision to drive without a valid license you’re at higher risk with law punishments, such as fines, traffic tickets and can arrested for careless driving in some states if the police do become involved in the matter.  If a car crash happens and it’s your fault, you might want to speak with a criminal defense attorney if you find yourself involved with serious consequences such as jail time.

What about if I get caught driving without a license? 

Getting caught driving without a license is different than a license being revoked or suspended, it hasn’t been unheard of that if you’re caught without a license it’s possible you get a fine and citation and let go with a warning but with stricter enforcement of the law if caught, you risk the chance of  a misdemeanor which means a fine no more than $5,000, and jail time for no more than 364 days or both. 

Driving without a license is a jailable offense and it’s better that you pay for driver’s school or get your license to avoid having to watch your back every time there is a cop in the next lane over.

Can car accidents cause PTSD among other medical problems?

Yes, it’s not unheard for people to suffer from PTSD from a serious car accident or if they have been in more than their fair share of car accidents.  Side effects of car accidents can include, headaches back pain, neck pain, abdominal swelling, PTSD, anxiety and more. 

Car accidents are known for causing physical medical problems such as back pain even weeks after the accident, but people often don’t realize anxiety can also come from being involved in a car accident for either driver.  Some delayed include…

  • Headaches
  • Back pain
  • PTSD
  • Numbness
  • Visit here for the complete list.

What if I am injured in a car accident?

If you’re injured in a car accident you’ll want to keep the reports and see your doctor or visit the urgent care room as soon as the symptoms start to show up to document them to make sure that when it comes to your compensation claim for medical bills, lost wages, and relates expenses that you have the necessary documents to help your claim process.

What to do on the scene after a collision?

Access yourself to see if you’re injured ( remember some symptoms can be delayed and not all injuries have to do with blood oozing out of a wound) and if you think you’re okay and can get out of your car without further injury, move to a safe location, call 9-11 and follow the instructions of the dispatcher as they are trained in such matters. 

Something some people do is hop out angry when a car hits their car not thinking that another car might not have time to stop and can hit you as soon as you step out your car, it’s important to access the situation and then get to safety if you can move. 

Wrapping up.

Always be cautious of others when driving, text messages can wait and there is usually a slow lane for not only slow drivers but for those who have anxiety while driving or prefer to be a bit more cautious. If you happen to get into a car crash, remember to breathe and try not too panic so you can gain your presence and become alert to what is going on around you.

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