How to explain divorce to a child

Divorce in Tacoma

Talking to your children after hiring a divorce attorney.

So you hired a divorce attorney and now you’re wondering how to explain divorce to your child/ren and you’re not sure how to go about it. We understand that going through with legal proceedings is hard enough when there are only adults involved, however, when children are involved it gets tougher.

Explaining Divorce to your kiddos.

First, please understand that your child loves and trusts you and that although you might be feeling guilty, it is better to be as open and honest with your child while reaffirming that you love them.

Don’t bad mouth your spouse to them and don’t lose your cool, remain calm and let them know it is okay to feel what they’re feeling and that no matter what their emotions matter and that you’re in this together.

Articles on speaking with your child about divorce.

Suzanne Gelb, Ph.D., an attorney with family law, psychologist, coach offers her advice on how to talk to your child about divorce.

 “Give your child plenty of hugs, play together, cook together, read together, share plenty of quality time together.”

You can read more about making sure your actions speak louder at psychology today.

Lisa Herrick, Ph.D. has a guide that provides you with steps on helping you get your children through with the process of divorce.

“Tell children approximately 2-3 weeks prior to separation. Have a plan – at least the basics – before you tell them”

Read more from her separation and divorce guide.

Divorce Attorney in Tacoma…

If you haven’t already hired a Tacoma divorce attorney then check out our article on hiring a divorce lawyer.  This journey is already difficult as it is and we promised to help you on your journey as much as possible. So we crafted an article on divorce lawyers in Tacoma.

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