How to navigate the Pierce County Jail

If you have someone in the local jail, this article can help you navigate.

Whether you have a lawyer or not the pierce county jail can be confusing to navigate especially if this is your first time dealing with a loved one in jail or if you find yourself in trouble with the law.

We recommend you read our criminal defense attorney article if you’re looking to hire a lawyer.

Navigating the pierce county jail roster.

So, when someone is arrested and taken to the local jail, you can usually find the information from the last 48 hours by using the pierce county roster, you can  find the person you’re looking for using the current roster if the arrest was made within the last 48 hours and you can also find out if they have been released within the last 48.

Bailing someone out jail.

If you have ever driven near the main or new jail, you will find that there are bail bonds strategically located near the jails to help serve you better. Visiting this pierce county bail bonds page can help you in your search for a bail bonds agency and how they work.

Remember, that when bailing someone out of jail, restrictions do apply and you’ll need to be sure that it’s something you want to do.

Wait, so there are two local jails?

Yes, so there is the main jail and the new jail, which is just an extension. You will still be able to find out information using the main website for either jail and when you look up the roster, you’ll find out if your loved one is either in the new jail or main jail.

Is there a guide for the jail?

Yes, if you’re still confused, you can visit this pierce county jail guide that offers information on the jails, such as phone numbers, mailing restrictions, adding money to an inmates account, how to deal with a loved one in jail while taking care of yourself, a lawyers page, bail bonds, and more.

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