Self defense laws Washington state

Can I defend my family or myself from someone that wants to cause harm?

Yes, in Tacoma or Washington state in general, you have every right to protect and defend yourself against someone that wants to cause bodily harm.

Of course, you have to have a reason for defending yourself or your family, you can’t cause harm to someone just because you don’t like them or they said something that made you angry.  Washington state allows for a use of force under extreme and certain circumstances.

What are the laws that will allow me to defend myself?

Washington state has three laws that will allow you to defend yourself without facing jail time if all is in reason of these three, self-defense, defense of others, and defense of property. You can check out the guideline here that will give you more information for that will allow the law to be on your side in case it comes down to you having to stand your ground and note that you can only use as much force that is reasonable in the given situation. 

Reasons to defend me or someone from harm?

If someone is coming at you or someone with intent to harm, do everything to protect yourself and that person, if someone is breaking into your home and lands within your living quarters and you believe that you are under a threat, protect yourself and your family, it’s better to ask questions later than wonder if they are there just to take something.

Reasons for self-defense according to Avvo are assault, Malicious mischief, disorderly conduct, and harassment, read their article here.

How can I best protect my home from intruders and prevent an invasion?

Securing windows and doors and making sure that an alarm is set in place can give you plenty of warning if an intruder decides that your house is on their list of homes to break into. You can often purchase window bars on Amazon or additional door lock mechanisms that will deter that person and hopefully they will give up.

Another door we often forget to make sure is secure is our garage door, it’s not enough to make sure the door to the garage is locked but that the garage door itself is secure enough that an intruder can’t slide a coat hanger under enough and grab hold of the string that releases the garage door.

What if I don’t know self-defense or don’t have a defense weapon?

No worries, but we recommend that you learn some self-defense or get the confidence of securing your home and knowing how to take care of yourself in case you’re ever in a situation where you will need to rely on yourself.

There are self-defense classes all over Washington state and especially in Tacoma, you can find women’s self-defense classes, you’ll be able to find martial art classes, and sometimes even free listings for classes that will teach you how to defend yourself.

Nonself-defense weapons that can be used

If you don’t own a firearm or don’t believe in owning one, the next best thing is your hands, learning how to use them in an attack, and after that, learning how to use a knife can prove to be useful, only if you know how to use it, it’s dangerous to use any weapon without prior knowledge because it can be turned against you in a struggle.

Buying a can of mace or pepper spray may work to give you some time in a heated situation where you find yourself needing an option.  If at home anything can be used if needed to, baseball bat, chair, pen, anything that can stun an attacker will be your best bet.  Tip: You can own a taser in Tacoma, which might be your best bet for self-defense.

Articles regarding tasers and stun guns…defense with tasers Washington state and legal carry of a stun gun in Tacoma.

Wrapping up

Knowing how to use your body and what movements you can make is key to defending your self and standing your ground, always keep in mind that if a situation can be talked down, then opt for that because it’s better to prevent an altercation than fueling one that didn’t need to happen in the first place.

Keep in mind your surroundings while walking places, going and to from home, can give you a peace of mind and subconscious alertness that will be an advantage. Life is not meant to be lived fearfully, but unfortunately,  in the world we live in, not everyone values a human life and so doing our best to stay alert can make all the difference and hopefully we may never need or know the feeling of having to step up and protect our livelihood.

Always check with current laws to make sure that the laws still stand!

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