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Bankruptcy lawyers Tacoma WaHiring a Tacoma Bankruptcy Attorney

The journey of hiring a Tacoma bankruptcy attorney can be tiresome and stressful, after all, finances are one the biggest leading factors of stress which negatively influences other areas of our lives.

What does a bankruptcy attorney do?

Your bankruptcy attorney will advise you on the type of bankruptcy you should file, what you can expect during the bankruptcy goals and how you can achieve your financial goals.

Types of bankruptcies.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is your traditional bankruptcy for individuals that deals with debt, liquidation of assets.

Chapter 9 bankruptcy debts of a municipality, such as schools, cities, counties, etc.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy commercial enterprises that which to continue operations within their business while paying off their debt. It has to be court approved.

Chapter 12 bankruptcy for family farmers with a regular annual income.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy for individuals with a regular source of income. For those who want to pay off their debts but just don’t have the means to currently do so. Through an approved court plan, the individual might be able to keep a valuable asset such as their home.

For more information on, visit the bankruptcy directory.

What to look for when hiring a bankruptcy attorney.

We always stress that it is important that the communication between you and the attorney you are speaking with is clear enough and that you’re comfortable with them handling your situation.

5 must-haves in hiring a bankruptcy lawyer.

Finding the right bankruptcy attorney.

Tacoma Bankruptcy Attorney Listings.

James A. Jones. website: bankruptcy attorney Tacoma. Phone: 253-383-7058. Your first meeting is always free. Address: (50 Pacific Ave, Suite 1050, Tacoma WA 98402. Areas of practice: General Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and chapter 13.

Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm, website: Tacoma bankruptcy, phone: 253-465-7417. Address:  1201 Pacific Ave #600, Tacoma, WA 98402. 4.9 google rating, out of 41 Google reviews. 

Final notes…

Don’t think that you have to go with the first attorney you speak with or with a listing on our website. Our only goal is to help you on your journey while gathering as much information as we can to help you make an informed decision.

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