Car Accident Lawyer

Steven Weier, Experience: 24 years. Website: Weiner Law  Areas of practice: Auto accidents and personal injury claims. Phone: 253-931-0332. Locations: Tacoma and Tukwila.


Personal Injury Lawyer

Gregg E. Bradshaw, LLC   Areas of Practice: Personal Injury, Family Law, and Criminal Defense. Phone: 253-256-1255 Experience: 20yrs. Locations: Puyallup.

DUI Lawyer

Michael Clark, website: Krupa and Clark.  Experience: 23yrs. Areas of Practice: DUI, Domestic Violence, Military Crimes, Sex Crimes, Drug Crimes, Theft Crimes. Phone: 253-345 -4506. Locations: Tacoma.


Family Law Lawyers

Deborah B Josephson, profile: Deborah B Josephson, Experience: 25 years, 1,000 cases, Phone: 253-501-7467, Locations: Univeristy Place

Divorce Lawyer

Mark Johnson, website: Seattle Family Law Attorney  Experience: 7 years. Areas of Practice: Divorce/Separation, Child Custody, Family, Child support, Domestic Violence, Real Estate. Locations: Tacoma and Seattle. Phone: 206 -539 -0341

Child Custody Attorney

Kevin Boyle, website: Kmboylelaw. Experience:37 years. Areas of Practice: Child Custody, Landlord & Tenant, Divorce & Separation, Family, Child Support. Locations: Tacoma. Phone:  (253) 761-0238

Jason P Benjamin, profile: Jason P Benjamin, Experience: 22 years, 1,300 cases, Phone: 253-299-8101, Locations: Tacoma.


Bankruptcy Lawyer

Richard D. Granvold, profile: Richard Granvold, Experience: 30 years, Phone: 253-214-3735, Locations: Tacoma. Free consultation: yes.


Social Security Lawyer

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Wrongful Death Attorney

Vernon W. Harkins, profile: Vernon W. Harkins, phone: 253-250-4427, Experience: 41 years, Locations: Tacoma.

Darrell L. Cochran, profile:Darrell L Cochran, phone: 253-235-0930, Experience: 24years, Locations: Tacoma.

Criminal Lawyer

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