Tacoma Real Estate Attorney

tacoma real estate attorneyHiring a Tacoma real estate attorney.

It is most common to hire a Tacoma real estate agent over a Tacoma real estate attorney, however, if you’re planning on going the attorney route, then we can help you with an informational article.


What will a real estate attorney do?

In some states, only a real estate lawyer can handle and prepare the documentation, but whatever your reason is for hiring a Tacoma real estate attorney, we are here to offer some tips.

There are numerous reasons behind going with a Tacoma real estate attorney including, disputes, transactions, documentation, and sometimes we like having more than one person in our corner to cover our assets. Read more about what real estate attorneys do.

The difference between legal questions and real estate questions.

When you’re speaking with a real estate agent, you can pretty much ask them everything you need to know about the home, square yardage, home details etc, whereas when speaking to a real estate attorney, you’ll ask them how you should invest, hold title and more. Read more about the difference between real estate lawyer and agents.

 Finding your real estate attorney.

One thing we always are careful to mention is doing your due diligence when hiring someone, and in this case, it can go both ways.

Make sure you do your research on agents and lawyers before settling down with one. If you don’t feel comfortable, then continue your search.

Questions to ask a real estate attorney.

What is their experience? How many cases have they handled similarly to yours? What is the benefit of hiring their legal services over going the traditional route with an agent?

Real estate attorneys in Tacoma.

Dickson Frohlich, website: Dickson legal, Phone: 253 -210-2031. Free consultation. Address: 1201 Pacific Ave #2050, Tacoma, WA 98402 Read their articles on real estate law. 4.2 stars out of 5 on google reviews.

Morton McGoldrick P. S. website: attorneys at law, Phone: 253-655-2275. Serving the Tacoma Area for over 90 years. Address: 820 A St #600, Tacoma, WA 98402

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