Tenants rights in Tacoma.

Tenants rights in Tacoma are pretty non-existent and most of the time, what shouldn’t fall on you, meaning be your problem, often does become your problem and you realize morals are thrown out the window when it comes to what’s right and wrong between tenants and landlords.

Tenants and landlord disputes over time.

  • A bad door with a worse off deadbolt and you put in numerous requests to get it looked at, your landlord complies but doesn’t do much to fix the problem. The deadbolt jams and the landlord will try to charge you for repair for the damage you had to do to get out of your apartment.
  • Security deposits are another common dispute. You move out expecting at least some of your deposit back or most and you get a huge chunk taking out of it. Even if you haven’t lived in the apartment long enough to call it home.
  • Another is landlords taking their time with refund deposits because no tenant wants to go to small claims court, that doesn’t guarantee them paying right away, and it takes time away from priorities like work.

But if you have to end up suing your landlord, what kind of lawyers or attorneys can you go with?

Hot Tip: Most lawyers will have their services advertise on their website or attorney profiles, so you can expect that a DUI lawyer in Tacoma won’t handle your dispute with your landlord unless advertised otherwise. In most cases, lawyers tend to have experience in areas of practice that are similar, such as family divorce lawyers might also work on bitter custody disputes. 

For lawyers that handle tenant/landlord disputes, visit our service page for a list of Tacoma lawyers.

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